The Gift of the Six Mountain Forests

An Invitation to Forest Lovers Everywhere


The community of North Cowichan discovers we own six mountains of forests

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The New Old Growth: Voice of Promise

Film: The New Old Growth: Voice of Promise

"New Old Growth does a fantastic job of articulating the importance of these mature forests in a way that weaves stunning imagery, powerful poetry and useful information together seamlessly.” — Daniel J. Pierce, Film Maker

“Completely inspiring”— Wade Davis, author, ethnobotanist, anthropologist

Owl and the Hummingbird

“Lyrical, beautiful, gentle, with a strong message. A modern day Wind In The Willows.”  — Kathy Code

Voice of the Unexpected

"Absolutely brilliant! Thank you Icel Dobell and everyone involved in creating this outstanding film that clearly demonstrates we are part of the miracle of nature and not separate from it... Stunning visuals and a strong positive message make this a must see and must share.” — Frances Litman, Creatively United

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WhereDoWeStand is a grass roots group of hundreds of residents of Cowichan Valley and North Cowichan who for four years have volunteered our time and resources to write articles and make little videos about our beautiful community forest.

Where Do We Stand
North Cowichan - Vancouver Island