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Mt. Prevost recent clear-cut

25% of North Cowichan is a municipal forest reserve (5,000 HA)

Owned by the citizens and managed by elected officials

Targeted logging up to an annual maximum of 2% of the total forested area is conducted as part of sustainable management of the MFR. The annual allowable cut (AAC) is 20,000 cubic meters per year.

The method of harvesting is clear-cutting with reserves. A clear-cut is an area of forestland where most of the standing trees are logged at the same time and a few trees remain post-harvest. Forested buffers are left around streams and lakes, and the area is replanted within one years of harvest.

Mt. Prevost

Based on the Forestry Reports from 2012 to 2017 - the average annual cut is 44 hectares which is equal to 83 football fields.

Our understanding of the process is as follows:

  • logging roads are cut into the forest
  • clearcuts averaging 7 hectares (13 football fields) are cut on one or both sides of the logging road
  • some trees are left for seeding and diversity
  • the slash (debris) is burned in the fall (average 87 piles burnt per year - 2012-17 Forestry Report)
  • the new trees are planted in the spring

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