Clearcutting not the answer for reducing urban wildfire risk, expert warns

A leading forest professional says clearcutting is the worst thing a community can do to reduce the risks of wildfires along an urban interface.

“I know that some people are advocating for clearcutting, but that’s the wrong approach with this issue,” says Bruce Blackwell, a professional forester and biologist whose consulting company is B.A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd., based in North Vancouver.

“Inevitably, that leads to a dense plantation that really is a hazard for a period of time.”

Blackwell is extremely well respected in his field. Mosaic, the largest private timber holder on Vancouver Island, describes him as a “guru of interface fire management.”

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note: Photo was taken right after the 2018 Maple Mountain Fire - the 8 year old clearcut in the distance was burnt to the ground and the older trees were scarred but still standing.