Mayor goes "medieval" on WhereDoWeStand

I read the Mayor's article on WhereDoWeStand in the Wednesday online version of the Citizen.

He describes going out to the Stoney Hill blowdown recovery site to see what all the commotion is about. He wanted to find out for himself how the logging was going. He then presents a pleasant picture of the site with only one live tree cut for every 15 blowdown trees. I think this what most people thought the blowdown recovery would look like.

Mayor's picture in the Cowichan Valley Citizen

What in the world is wrong with WhereDoWeStand, why are they misleading the citizens of North Cowichan?

Like the Mayor, I decided to go back out on Tuesday night and see for myself, had the situation changed?

My pictures and video are presented here, they tell a different story. You can tell by the stumps that many live trees were cut to get to the blowdown areas and to clear a path out of the forest.

Stoney Hill Cut Block - deeper in the woods

There are five separate cut blocks on Stoney Hill, the Mayor took a picture of the block next to the road, mine are deeper in the forest.

In this year of the Forest Review, citizens should get involved and learn about forest practices. There is nothing wrong with documenting a Municipal logging site and asking questions.

There is nothing wrong about asking for more information on carbon sales as an alternative to logging, it is all part of the review process.

Most importantly, we need to get on with the full Public Engagement as promised.

Rob Fullerton

Stoney Hill Blowdown Site Pictures: July 23, 2019


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