North Cowichan Forest Review - July 21 Update


  1. Project Carbon Sales
  2. Council Takes Control of the Forest Review & Public Engagement
  3. The Reality of Blowdown Recovery
  4. Current Call to Action
  5. Climate Change Emergency
  6. Mark Oct 2 on your calendar - Magic of the Six Mountains

1. Project Carbon Sales

The Municipality is starting to evaluate Carbon Sales as a way to generate revenue from the Forest Reserve. This has the potential to be game changer in how we manage the forest and how we fight climate change.

2. Council takes control of the Forest Review and Public Engagement

The Mayor and Council have taken control of the Forest Review and the related Public Engagement Project. The Forest Advisory Committee (FAC) is now assisting with the Review but not managing it. This makes sense as the FAC only meets every two months and cannot dedicate the time required to develop a new plan. Plus, they do not have the expertise to evaluate the carbon credit opportunity, this is best handled by specialized consultants. The forest is now getting top attention at Council meetings, with detailed discussions on each of the logging patch cut plans.

3. The reality of blowdown recovery

The blowdown recovery operations are now active on two of the mountains. We have been documenting the progress on Stoney Hill. Now that the roads and skid paths are built and most of the trees have been cut - we can see how many live healthy trees needed to be cut to safely remove blowdown from the forest.

Healthy trees have been cut for the following reasons:

  1. the trees were too close to the edge of the expanded logging road
  2. they needed to cut an area for loading the trucks
  3. they needed to cut a skid path to get at the fallen trees and drag them to the sorting areas
  4. trees that are were close to blowdown trees needed to be extracted for safe removal

On Stoney Hill - it is apparent that you need to cut down many live trees for every blowdown tree removed from the forest.

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4. Current call to action

Write to Let them know if you want all further logging, including blow-down salvage, paused for public consultation and the UBC Carbon Sales feasibility study.

5. Climate Change Emergency

Another important item announced this week is the official acknowledgment of a climate emergency, the motion clarifies the Municipality of North Cowichan's intention to "look at all applicable decisions through a climate lens, including but not limited to: rewriting our Official Community Plan and reviewing the management of our municipal forests."

6. Mark October 2 on your calendar for The Magic of the Six Mountains at the Cowichan Performing Arts Centre. Featuring Suzanne Simard and Andy MacKinnon.