Observations from Stoney Hill Rd

November 9, 2018

We took a walk on the large clear-cut off Stoney Hill Road. We are not sure when it was logged. It is the worst cut for broom that we have seen. Once you walk over the hill and into the cut - everything is covered in broom - the broom is thriving here - mostly healthy and almost 6 feet tall in places.

“Scotch Broom is a volatile flash fuel – particularly with the mature plants. The presence of Scotch broom will increase a wildfire’s fuel load and escalate the fire’s intensity, compromising fire situations and making them more difficult to fight.” Terry Peters, Fire Chief of Powell River B.C.

the older broom seems to be dying out and increasing the fire risk - this shot is from Mt. Tzouhalem where at least half of the broom is dead
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District of North Cowichan, Vancouver Island BC