What will the forest look like in 5 years?

January 1, 2019

We have requested copies of plans showing the proposed harvesting for 2019, and the MFR 5 Year Development Plan.  We have not received these as yet. The image above is the proposed harvesting for 2018.

We know that the allowable cut is approx. 2% per year - meaning that a 5 year plan could show up to 10% of the forest being cut. (We realize that the allowable cut calculation is far more complex than this - we are just trying to show in layman's terms - the growth in clear-cuts over a 5 year period.)

This would translate into approx 50 (7 hectare) clear-cut patches.

To date it appears much of the harvesting is concentrated in non-visually sensitive areas.  Opportunities to confine logging to these areas is limited and we may see more harvesting in our visually sensitive areas.

If we extend out a 5 year plan - would we will end up with map that looks something like this?
Approximate Location of Cutblock boundaries – Stoney Hill. (Boundaries were identified and mapped in the field using GPS)
Aerial View of Mt. Sicker (upper right) and Mt. Prevost (lower). This image highlights why the patch clear-cut logging is now moving from the back mountains into public view - it takes 50 years for the trees to grow back and we are running out of places for back mountain patches.
This article is designed to pose questions and spark debate, not to provide answers. This article is based on online research, talking with experts and visual observation. Please use the online form below if you believe there is more to this story than we are aware of.

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