Stoney Hill Logging Update

December 19, 2018

Update: Dec 19, 2018

Council discussed the motion and decided to postpone a decision until:

a) Council finishes its priority planning exercise and establishes a Strategic Plan

b) Council tours the Municipal Forest Reserve, and

c) Council receives a detailed staff report about our forest operations.  

These steps are anticipated to be completed in early 2019.

No logging contracts are in place for the Stoney Hill area at this time, and none will be issued for Stoney Hill until Council has completed this discussion.

UPDATE Dec 5, 2018: Councillor Christopher Justice will serve notice at the North Cowichan Council meeting (Dec 5) that he intends to introduce a resolution at the December 19th meeting to direct staff to put a pause on logging the Municipal Forest in Stoney Hill until the effects of it are better understood.

Road to be built in Stoney Hill.  It is an extraordinary hiking trail that begins at the yellow gate, at one end, to the East, or to the West, at the upper round about. Trail leads to the cliffs over Bird’s Eye Cove, looking South to Cowichan Bay and to the mountains beyond, also across to the cliffs of Mt Tzouhalem, and to the North, Maple Bay and Maple Mt. It is an exceptional view. The proposed area for logging runs through and is adjacent to moss beds with towering Arbutus that rise to the cliffs.

Stoney Hill Road is a very narrow, steep and windy road - we had a close call with an oversized truck coming down the hill - there was barely enough room to pass on the turn. I guess they will have to stop traffic to move the logs off the mountain.

This trail is accessed off the Stoney Hill Road, past the current hiking trails on the left side of the road.
planned 2019 cut based on the trail markers. since there is no public notice yet - this is our best estimate
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District of North Cowichan, Vancouver Island BC