Time lapse satellite video of Municipal logging

January 14, 2019

The following are time lapse satellite images of our local mountains. Each white bar at the bottom of the video is a year starting in 1984 and running to 2016. The beige and light green patches on the mountains are clear-cuts - the most recent cuts are beige - they start beige and turn green as the years pass.

The images are a little blurry - especially the older images - as we are zooming in quite a bit.

This gives you a good picture of the municipal logging activity over time. These videos shows how our communities are growing and our mature forests are shrinking.

It also highlights why the patch clear-cut logging is now moving from the back mountains into the open areas - it takes almost 50 years for the trees to grow back and we are running out of places for back mountain patches.

2019 is a critical year for our community - we need to pause the logging before we make any more cuts.

We need to take a critical look at what we are doing - are there other options?

Mt. Prevost

note: the forest to the far left (west) is not part of the Municipality

Mt. Tzouhalem & Stoney Hill

Stoney Hill is to the right and Mt. Tzouhalem is in the center. These mountains are the lest logged to date.

Maple Mountain & Mount Richards

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