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Our Six Mountain Forests Featured on Shaw TV

Guy Dauncey - Change the World - Shaw TV

Countdown to Public Consultation about our Community Forests: 3 days

Where Do We Stand, a group of hundreds of citizens who came together in 2018 to ask for public consultation about our community forest, was and remains simply a grassroots public platform. So when we wanted to put on our 700 person forest meeting at the Performing Arts Centre in 2019, we couldn’t jump through the hoops.

If not for Guy Dauncey’s guidance every step of the way, our extraordinary, unprecedented, spontaneous, community Six Mountains meeting wouldn’t have happened.

I’d never got to know an “environmentalist” before Guy and the Yellow Point Ecological Society — all devoted, lifers, trying to protect nature. It was an eye opener. This whole forest campaign has been a humbling eye opener.

It turns out, our Valley is full of amazing people and societies giving their time to protect our rivers, watersheds, Somenos Marsh, Cowichan Estuary, ocean, etc. But in 2018, no one was organized to protect our Six Nountain forests — almost no one knew we had forests to protect. Suddenly we knew.

Enter Guy. Not only did he sign the papers, dot the i’s, cross the t’s, make possible our meeting — also, he highlighted our North Cowichan Municipal Forests on his Shaw Television program, back in 2019.

Now he has done it again, in part 2 about The Six Mountains, featuring our public consultation this December. Please watch Guy Dauncey’s “Change The World,” share, and comment, to alert our community about what we can do now to protect our intact mature forest ecosystems.

NOTE: The information related to harvesting & carbon revenue, the logging maps, social and ecological indicators are sourced from the UBC Forestry slide presentation to Council.
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