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Community Values Summary - Round 1 of the Public Engagement

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This report includes a description of the public engagement process, a summary of results from each engagement activities, and overall conclusions that capture the common themes across all the engagement opportunities

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During the first round of engagement on the future management of the MFR, we heard a diverse range of perspectives from over 1,275 community members. The thoughtful input from participants in this first round of engagement reflects the deep care people share for their community and the forest reserve in particular. There was agreement that the MFR is a valued community asset, and many are in favour of an approach to forest management that shifts the primary management focus of the MFR toward the ecological and recreational benefits.

Key Takeaways

  • The importance of protecting and enhancing the ecological benefits of the MFR was a strong theme. Many expressed concern with the health of the forest, and indicated that the ecosystem services provided by the forest outweigh the potential revenue from harvesting.
  • Many expressed that the MFR is a valued recreational asset and are in favour of forest management that supports hiking, biking, walking, ATVing, and horseback riding. There was also significant support for recreation as it relates to tourism.
  • Many community members expressed concern about harvesting practices, particularly the impact of clear cutting.
  • Some respondents feel that cut blocks negatively impact views on the mountains, recreational experiences, and the ecological health of the forest.
  • Some participants are supportive of the current management of the MFR. Of those in favour of harvesting, many are supportive of a shift towards eco-forestry and more sustainable forms of harvesting.
  • Concern about climate change, and the impacts of wildfires, flooding and extreme weather emerged as a key theme.
  • Many expressed the importance of managing the forest to increase resiliency to climate change.
  • We also heard a wide range of perspectives on the cultural significance of the MFR. Many noted the importance of the forest for recreation, access to nature, health and well-being as well as education.
  • Some respondents also expressed the importance of consulting the Quw’utsun Nation on the future management of the MFR.

Question 10 Survey Results

NOTE: The information related to harvesting & carbon revenue, the logging maps, social and ecological indicators are sourced from the UBC Forestry slide presentation to Council.
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