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North Cowichan Forest Management Scenarios

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VIDEO: New Old Growth - Our mature naturally generated forests vs tree plantations

Icel Dobell Youtube Video

The New Old Growth: Voice of Promise - Part 4 in Icel Dobell's video series The Sovereignty of the Six Mountains.

An inspiring story of citizen action as a community stands up for its forests, its future, and the generations as yet unborn. Protecting the natural capital of home is arguably the single most important thing to be done in confronting the climate crisis. — Wade Davis, author and ethnobotanist.

"Check out this gorgeous video by Icel Dobell of North Cowichan about the huge opportunity they have to protect and regenerate their mature, naturally regenerated second-growth forests. With so little old-growth remaining, these second-growth stands that were logged historically but have regrown naturally are ideal candidates for recruitment to become old-growth in the future. Not all second-growth forests, particularly natural regen, should be sacrificed for clear-cutting. If we want to undo the damage of the past and start to recover old-growth forests, we have to take these forests off the chopping block and allow them to heal and do their work as healthy forests — filtering water, sequestering carbon, providing homes for wildlife and nourishment for human beings. Icel does a fantastic job of articulating the importance of these mature forests in a way that weaves stunning imagery, powerful poetry and useful information together seamlessly." — Daniel Pierce - Heartwood Documentree

"Such great work on behalf of the forests, the creatures, current and future generations of humans. With gratitude." — Susan Williams

"Very well done, Icel. Amazing pictures and a convincing storyline." — Hermann Thoene

"What a beautiful way to engage, educate, and inspire the awakening of personal action. In a time of calls to  carry torches of action, through her cinematic story telling, Icel invites us to nurture our own flames within, to know we can each take part to light the path to a better tomorrow."  — Mickael Plourde

NOTE: The information related to harvesting & carbon revenue, the logging maps, social and ecological indicators are sourced from the UBC Forestry slide presentation to Council.

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ACTIVE Conservation: The Perfect Balance

Where Do We Stand is supporting Active Conservation as the only scenario that represents the highest good of the Community Forest, and therefore the best interests of generations to come.