--- Archived Special Event ---

The Secrets of the Six Mountains

A Public Assembly For Our Community Forests And Their Future, Now And Forever

Cowichan Performing Arts Centre,
2687 James St, Duncan.
Tuesday, March 5. 
Doors open 6:30 pm.  - Event at 7 pm.

--- Speakers ---

Andy MacKinnon: Well known Forest Ecologist, Andy worked for the BC Forest Service for three decades and was involved in defining and implementing ecosystem based management in Haida Gwaii and the Great Bear Rainforest. Andy has co-authored six best-selling books about plants of western North America, including Plants Of The Pacific North West Coast. Andy is also President of the South Vancouver Island Mycological Society—and plays the mandolin.

Al Siebring: the mayor of the Municipality of North Cowichan.

Ray Travers: A renowned private Forestry Consultant whose career in the public and private sectors spans decades. Ray says,  “I have waited my whole career to witness large numbers of citizens acting like owners of our magnificent public forests.”

Rob Douglas: Councilor for the Municipality of North Cowichan and Chair of the Forest Advisory Committee

Qwiahwultuhw, Robert George: Cowichan Tribes teacher and community leader.

Briony Penn: Naturalist, writer, educator, and broadcaster well known in BC for her indomitable spirit and tireless devotion to protecting endangered species and sensitive ecosystems throughout the province—also well known for her Lady Godiva ride through Vancouver to stop logging on Saltspring Island, 2001. “I’ve got a PhD and no one listens,” she said to the media, “I take my clothes off, and here you all are.”

Peter Arcese: Professor of Forest and Conservation Sciences, UBC. Forest Renewal BC Chair in Applied Conservation, former Chair of Nature Trust BC, and long-time regional ecologist working on plans to insure the persistence of relatively intact examples of our Coastal Douglas-fir and Salish Sea Region. Coastal Douglas-fir Conservation Partnership Steering Committee.

Guy Dauncey (MC): Eco-Futurist, author of Journey to the Future: A Better World is Possible, will speak on Lubeck, a world renowned model of community forestry.

Jens Wieting: Senior forest and climate campaigner for the Sierra Club of BC. His primary focus is on solutions that maintain the ecological integrity and the climate-stabilizing role of BC’s globally rare temperate rainforests and respect Indigenous rights.

Icel Dobell: Forest Advocate, Where Do We Stand. Writer/Director: The Community Forests On The Six Mountains.

Daniel J. Pierce: BC filmmaker and journalist. For seven years, Dan has been covering BC forestry for his documentary series, Heartwood. Heartwood explores the impact of industrial logging on the landscape as well as innovative, community-based solutions for a new forestry paradigm.

Erik Piikkila is a Forest Ecologist and Forester in Training in BC who is involved with Wildwood Ecoforest, Y.E.S., and GreenBlue, and advising the BC Green Party on Forestry Issues. He has experience with Ecosystem Based Management in BC, Washington, Oregon, California and Finland. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Six Mountains Public Assembly.

Doors open at 6:30 pm. Erik Piikkila, Forest Ecologist and Historian will give a pre-show chat and be available at the end of the evening to answer questions about all aspects of forestry and forest ecology.

The assembly will begin at 7 pm with Qwiahwultuhw, (Robert George), member of Cowichan Tribes, drumming a prayer song. Please bring your drums for the closing song.

After the opening prayer will be a showing of the short Where Do We Stand video, The Community Forests on the Six Mountains, viewed by over 11,000 people, presented by Icel Dobell.

Cowichan Performing Arts Centre
2687 James St, Duncan.
Tuesday, March 5. 
Doors open 6:30 pm. Event at 7 pm.
250-748-7529 (748-PLAY)

At the February Council meeting addressing our Community Forests and the budget, Council took a bold step toward fostering change in our forest practices that, over time, could make North Cowichan a world renowned example of ecological forest management that provides sustainable jobs and a growing local economy.

The realization of this vision is, however, dependent on ongoing community involvement and interest.This year, operation windfall will define our commitment to exploring alternative ecosystem based management and harvesting methods.

There are as many ways to manage a forest as there are trees on the mountains. As such, it is important we make informed decisions about how we tackle and execute this operation.

No community exists in isolation. This is our chance, as a community, to reach out to other community forests in the Province and the world to be part of mapping an enlightened sustainable path for our forests while there is still time.

Council has heard the public request for pause and public consultation. They have responded with a commitment to “public consultation, input, openness, collaboration, accountability, and transparency.” Now it’s up to us, the citizens of North Cowichan, to support Council, staff, and our newly reconfigured Forest Advisory Committee by staying involved and informed.

To this end, Where Do We Stand is hosting a public assembly March 5th, at the Cowichan Performing Arts Centre, where well known experts on the forests will share their knowledge and experience to help us identify the vast opportunities that exist to shape the ecological, economic and social futures of our six forests.
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