Stoney Hill Logging Before and After Videos

Despite the 1,500 petitions, 900 citizen comments, countless letters to council, in-person pleas at the Council Meetings and a protest at the Municipal Office - the tender for Stoney Hill was issued and should be awarded shortly.

We did not get a PAUSE in logging for public consultation.

No public consultation was allowed for 2019 blowdown recovery logging.

The tender estimates the timber to be removed from Stoney Hill to be 1,800 cubic meters or the equivalent of approximately 45 logging trucks.

5 areas have been marked and logging roads are being reactivated.

3 skid paths are being cleared to drag the trees up to a new landing area for transport.

The videos below show the marked blowdown zones - we still cannot see why 45 logging trucks full of trees need to be removed from this forest.

Cut Map

Stoney Hill Cut Block Map

Before Videos

When the logging is completed - we will add the after videos.

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District of North Cowichan, Vancouver Island BC