WhereDoWeStand is a grassroots movement

I have been involved with WhereDoWeStand from the beginning and this is what I have seen.

I worked on the website and saw the community response to the PAUSE logging issue.

We collected 1500 petitions for PAUSE and more importantly - almost nine hundred comments. (These are available at the Municipality).

  • 1,500 people signed the petition.
  • 900 people submitted comments (click here view the feedback page)
  • 650 people attended the 6 Mountains Event.
  • 300+ people attended the Forest Council Meetings.
  • 100+ people attended our Forest Walks.
  • 6,000 unique visitors on our website since starting in October.
  • 12,000 people viewed our video.
  • 380 people following our posts on Facebook.

The process has been a unique learning experience for all involved - we didn't have the answers - we just wanted a PAUSE to look at all the options.

To achieve these results the group spent $9,400 and we raised $6,500 from tickets sales & donations.

The average donation amount was $10.

Over the last six months - more than 60 volunteers donated thousands of hours of their time.

If ever there was a grassroots movement - this is it.

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District of North Cowichan, Vancouver Island BC