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WhereDoWeStand.ca is the gathering place committed to advocating for public engagement, the greater good and health of our Six Mountains Community Forest.

Where Do We Stand is a campaign managed by the Six Mountains Ecological Society.

Where Do We Stand began with a few concerned citizens and quickly evolved into a grass roots movement. It is a film, a community event, a facebook page and a website.  Our one shared message is stated by the petition and signed by over 1500 citizens.

"We are requesting a pause in all logging of the North Cowichan Municipal Forests to allow time for public consultation on the future of our six public forest reserves. In light of accelerating ecological, economic, and social changes, I believe that the public requires in-depth information from a broad range of experts on the forests."

Many citizens and companies have contributed money to fund ads for the petition & council meetings, the forest articles, the film, the website, the social media advertising and the 6 Mountains Event at the Performing Arts Centre.

14,000 people have viewed the film, 1,500 people signed the petition, 6,000 people visited our website, 900 people submitted comments, 950 people subscribe to our newsletter, and 650 people attended the 6 Mountains Event.

More than 60 volunteers have donated thousands of hours.

If ever there was a grass roots movement - this is it.

Directors: Icel Dobell, Rob Fullerton

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