The Gift of the Six Mountains

Hear Ye, Hear Ye:

Be it known, there is a paradise above a valley, known as the Six Mountain Forests, unto itself, unto the mystery —an unfolding story as no other in the Nation.

For these forests belong to no company, neither to the crown, but are held in a sacred trust by a community, including all people of the Cowichan Valley and North Cowichan — families, friends, neighbours, as if magically, profoundly united with a shared path, possibility, purpose.

Through a rare legacy, as if predestined for the good of all people and all living beings, now and forever, here and in all places on our one planet, one earth, our diverse community — of the Quw’utsun living here for millennia, of families whose roots go back generations, to refugees recently arrived — have been entrusted with caretaking a vastness of rare, mature forests.

Welcome to the Six Mountains: Tzouhalem, Stoney Hill, Prevost/Swu’qus, Sicker, Richards, Maple Mountain.

From near and far, around the world, to Vancouver Island, hundreds of thousands of forest-lovers travel here to hike, bike, and experience an immensity of rare, remarkable forest ecosystems — and then stay on in our bucolic Valley, visiting our markets, shops, farms, vineyards, thus supporting our diverse community of artists, artisans, carvers, minstrels, growers, vendors...

Accordingly, recognizing that our community, like the forests, and with the forests, is connected and interdependent with all others, North Cowichan invites us — one and all, no matter where we live — to fill out our municipal forest survey.

In this moment of community reflection, as we consider, together, how we may most wisely, humbly, reverently continue to serve, steward, give back to the Six Mountains, every perspective matters.

Icel Dobell

"New Old Growth does a fantastic job of articulating the importance of these mature forests in a way that weaves stunning imagery, powerful poetry and useful information together seamlessly.” — Daniel J. Pierce, Film Maker

“Completely inspiring”— Wade Davis, author, ethnobotanist, anthropologist

"Absolutely brilliant! Thank you Icel Dobell and everyone involved in creating this outstanding film that clearly demonstrates we are part of the miracle of nature and not separate from it... Stunning visuals and a strong positive message make this a must see and must share.” — Frances Litman, Creatively United

The community of North Cowichan discovers we own six mountains of forests

“Lyrical, beautiful, gentle, with a strong message. A modern day Wind In The Willows.”  — Kathy Code